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Do Good Events was founded in 2000 as Organic Events to fill a need for high quality event production for non-profit organizations. Do Good Events has produced, launched, managed, or directed over 150 events, from 15 guests at intimate dinners to 3500 people at formal awards programs. 

Do Good Events works exclusively with non-profits, foundations, and social innovators. We are headquartered in the Bay Area, with clients based in San Francisco, Oakland, and Silicon Valley. We have produced events in New Orleans, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles Washington D.C. and everywhere in between.

Do Good Events produces high-impact events for the
organizations and people changing the world.


At Do Good Events, we are not event planners who happen to care about social issues. We are advocates and activists who happen to be really good at planning events. Like you, we all believe in a healthy and just society. Let's work together to make it a reality.

Here we are. Feel free to contact us.


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Marika Holmgren
Founder and Lead Event Producer

© Reny Photography 2014

© Reny Photography 2014


When Marika was a little girl, she planned tea parties in her room, for which she would handwrite invitations that she slipped under her parents’ and brother’s doors.  She required RSVPs for these events.  At the same time, she was highly motivated by social change, and as a teenager, built a shanty in her high school courtyard with two schoolmates to protest Apartheid.   Imagine her delight when she found a way to combine two passions: saving the world and planning exceptional parties. When she’s not producing events, she can be found hurtling down a hill – purposefully – on her mountain bike, trying desperately - though not always successfully - to stay out of the ER.  Marika also works on chemical policy reform.  Because chemicals suck and are bad for all of us.  Her dog Jake oversees most of her work, and is very pleased that DOG is in the name of her company.


Erika Scott
Lead Event Producer


With her bleeding heart and big mouth, Erika brought life into her small-town in the high Sierra - as a teen she brought the AIDS Quilt to a local church and advocated for better sex education at her high school. She went on to follow her passion for social change at UC Santa Cruz where she continued working on behalf of women's rights and health. After a not-so-brief stint as an attorney, Erika has finally found where she belongs - planning events for the organizations she cares about. When not off scouting the next event location, Erika can be found hiking in the Oakland hills or trying new restaurants. 


Stephanie Alston
Event Producer


Stephanie is a sixth-generation Texan who grew up organizing her neighborhood into science clubs, bike clubs, creek clean-up crews and canvassers for Jerry's Kids and Sally Struthers. With her Texas-sized bleeding heart & determination, Stephanie moved to the Bay Area to be with kindred spirits where she spent over 10 years working on environmental campaigns. After a 4-year stint running a successful international campaign to help protect forests in West Africa, Stephanie found the secret to happiness is in throwing a great party for a good cause. Stephanie has now been part of our team for over 10 years and specializes in motivating high-profile businesses, entertainment, and VIPs to partner with our clients. A favorite moment was working with Archbishop Desmond Tutu who said about Stephanie, "this woman does not rest! Her smile energizes us all."


Heidi Berenjfoorosh
Event Producer


Heidi is a Bay Area native who had all the intentions of becoming an interior designer. However, after spending her evenings in college working as a server/manager at numerous catering companies and eventually landing a job at a high-end event design company in San Francisco, Heidi changed course and start a new career in event design and planning. Oh yes… and because she could never get the catering bug completely out of her system, she decided to embrace it and start her own catering company with her boyfriend and chef extraordinaire. On the rare occasion, when her catering business and event work is slow, Heidi loves to travel to exotic places, spoil her dog Lola, and spend time with friends and family. 



Jen Milley
Event Producer


At eight years old, Jen’s aspirations for the White House were printed in the local paper after she attended her first political rally for Michael Dukakis. As she grew up, her commitment to politics did not waver, but turned to the direction of major gifts fundraising and event planning instead of seeking the highest office in the land. With a development background in women’s rights, climate change, civil liberties, public education, and social services, she has found her calling working for a multitude of progressive non-profit organizations. She brings a vast understanding of the needs of organizations of all sizes to raise the resources to promote their important work. And knows you can throw a great party while doing it! When she’s not running around in heels, she can be found reading a good book with her cats, volunteering, or exploring Oakland with her husband and friends.



Dawn Roth-Golden
Stage Manager

Always interested in just how far she can push the adage "How hard could it be?" Dawn worked full time while attending Cal State Chico by day and spent her evenings rehearsing for, performing in or crewing shows in the theater department. And going to Duffy's. Surprisingly, she did graduate and immediately went on to tour this fine country in a van with the Western Opera Theater.  All that relentless glamour cemented her desire for a life in the theater. Upon returning to San Francisco, she became a founding member of the Thunderbird Theater Company, while concurrently working full time at the San Francisco Opera. While she spent time working on movies, television series and commercials, but her heart truly beats for the magic of live performances and theater where making something wonderful out of almost nothing reigns supreme. She has a very patient husband and two children that make her laugh every day.


Melanie Newell
Event Producer, DGE NYC


For as long as she can remember Melanie has been the planner among her friends and family. Never one to crave the spotlight for herself, she is happiest when hosting, planning, and coordinating from behind the scenes.  Melanie truly loves the energy of events work and takes pride in being able to see both the big picture and all the small details that make up a successful event. After 10 glorious years on the west coast, Melanie recently returned home to New York City where she is producing a series of centennial event for a 100-year old institution.  When she’s not dreaming up tablescapes, negotiating with vendors, and managing guest lists, Melanie can be found exploring her Brooklyn neighborhood with her husband and daughter Colette, picnicking in Prospect Park, and spoiling her adorable niece. 


Visakha Som
Operations Manager


Visakha knew early on in her life that she wanted to help people.  Although born in California, Visakha spent her formative years in Cambodia where she was exposed to the traumas of the recent civil war, extreme poverty, and social injustices. These experiences have inspired her to dedicate her life to empower communities that have been marginalized.  Visakha has over 10 years of experience working with local health and social services nonprofits in the areas of program management, operations, fund development and evaluation.  She has a degree in Women’s Studies and is currently pursuing her masters in public administration with an emphasis on nonprofit management at San Francisco State University.  Visakha has two young sons and secretly hopes Diego will become a social worker and that Tyler will become the CEO of a social enterprise.


Alexandra Devoe
Event Associate


Alex is a San Francisco transplant, having migrated from New York over 3 years ago in search of new adventures and a new zip code. Having grown up watching her incredible mother work hard to make even the smallest celebrations extra special, she strives in this busy life to make little moments big, and encourages everyone she meets to stop and appreciate the little pleasures in life - like cheese! Always one to volunteer planning parties for her friends and relatives, the move to event planning was natural and an exciting challenge in a new city full of do-gooders. When not hard at work, she can be found hiking the redwood trails in Marin, planning trips overseas, or enjoying a glass of wine up in Healdsburg with friends.


The DGE Event Team

Tessa D'Arcangelew Production Assistant You have all the tools you need.

Tessa D'Arcangelew
Production Assistant

You have all the tools you need.

Ashley Morris Production Assistant Plays Indonesian Gamelan in her spare time.

Ashley Morris
Production Assistant

Plays Indonesian Gamelan in her spare time.

Koryn Pachla Production Assistant Most Tricky Event Space Worked: Stinson Beach, CA  

Koryn Pachla
Production Assistant

Most Tricky Event Space Worked: Stinson Beach, CA


Lauren Reid Production Assistant Spreadsheet Enthusiast

Lauren Reid
Production Assistant

Spreadsheet Enthusiast

Giselle Ribeiro Production Assistant The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention. ― Kahlil Gibran

Giselle Ribeiro
Production Assistant

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.

― Kahlil Gibran