We do more than throw great parties (though our parties truly are pretty darn great).  We aim higher than that.  At Do Good Events, we think that organizations should walk their talk.  We will help you do that by creating events that reflect your mission, vision and values.

To show you what we mean, we’ll offer up a case study.

Tides Momentum and the W San Francisco 

When Do Good Events was looking for the perfect venue to host 300 thought leaders and social innovators for the Tides Momentum conference in 2008, we looked at plenty of hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area that we knew would fit, were close to public transportation, and that would knock our guests socks off.  But we wanted more.  We wanted to work with a venue that would go above and beyond their usual offerings to implement a truly green conference.   Basically, whatever they were already offering in the way of green services, we were going to ask them to go to the next level.  “We’ll be your guinea pig,” we told the venues.

The W San Francisco greeted this challenge not only willingly, but with an obvious deep commitment to exceeding our expectations.  They saw the opportunity that we were presenting:  a group willing to take risks in order to achieve a higher standard of green.

During one of our many planning meetings with Michael Pace, General Manager asked me to create a “wish list” of green initiatives that we’d like to implement at the conference.  We came up with our top priorities:

  • A Zero Waste conference.  No trash cans.  None.  
  • A “Slow Food” menu.  We wanted to see items that were entirely local, organic, and seasonal. 
  • And finally, a Carbon Neutral event.

He asked which we’d like to pursue.  “All three,” was our response.

We worked closely with the W to help them craft an event that met these three critical goals.  More than many venues, they were willing to let go of pre-conceived notions of how an event is done.   In particular, our “no trash can” request is always met with some bewilderment, but they went along with it, and ultimately saw how it was possible to create a zero-waste event. 

In fulfilling all three requests, the W was agreeing to modify their purchasing, to train their staff in what a green conference meant, and to invest the time and energy it would take to ask a  major corporate brand out of their comfort zone.

The result was a highly successful and incredibly green, high-end conference that Tides was proud to offer to discriminating and sophisticated clientele of environmental leaders.  

But more was achieved than just a great event.  Based on the prototype created with Organic Events, the W San Francisco subsequently rolled out a Green Meeting Package.